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UK: Il Governo Propone Nuove Eccezioni in Materia di Copia Privata (Personal Copies for Private Use)

  • Personal copies for private use:

  • (1) The making of a copy of a work, other than a computer program, by an individual does not infringe copyright in the work provided that the copy—

    • (a) is a copy of—

      • (i) the individual’s own copy of the work, or

      • (ii) a personal copy of the work made by the individual,

    • (b ) is made for the individual’s private use, and

    • (c) is made for ends which are neither directly nor indirectly commercial.

  • (2) In this section “the individual’s own copy” is a copy which—

    • (a)has been lawfully acquired by the individual on a permanent basis,

    • (b) is not an infringing copy, and

    • (c) has not been made under any provision of this Chapter which permits the making of a copy without infringing copyright.”

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