Sull’illecito riutilizzo di un database da parte di un meta-motore di ricerca dedicato

  • Corte di Giustizia dell’UE, 19 dicembre 2013, C‑202/12:

  • "…an operator who makes available on the Internet a dedicated meta search engine such as that at issue in the main proceedings re-utilises the whole or a substantial part of the contents of a database protected under Article 7, where that dedicated meta engine:
    • –        provides the end user with a search form which essentially offers the same range of functionality as the search form on the database site;

      –        ‘translates’ queries from end users into the search engine for the database site ‘in real time’, so that all the information on that database is searched through; and

      –        presents the results to the end user using the format of its website, grouping duplications together into a single block item but in an order that reflects criteria comparable to those used by the search engine of the database site concerned for presenting results…."

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